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She is the President of " Unione nazionale scrittori "

Starace Raphael was born in Vico Equense (Naples) in 1957. Many of his Art Shows are in numerous group exhibitions and competitions, national and international
  • Naples: Art between the people,
  • Naples: Overseas Exhibition
  • Avellino: Art and Freedom 
  • Russia, St. Petersburg - Museum of Ethnography
  • Museo del viaggio- azienda turismo Positano dal 2001 at 2011
  • Chiostro di S.Francesco- Sorrento-- Biblioteca comunale-Sorrento
  • Castrocielo-Frosinone
  • Galleria Alba- Ferrara
  • Orbetello-Toscana
  • Museo del Viaggio - Positano
  • Prima fine art gallery -USA

obtaining consents of both the public and critics. Many critics are interested in his paintings magazines, newspapers, radio and television. His works can be found on our "Modern Art book Mondadori 1999 ".
Particularly interesting is the profound review of Dr. Di Stefano Ninny Busa known as contemporary art critic and poet in Milan. Raffaele Starace productions with a search for horizons of light that exceeds the narrow confines of one landscape representation, to hover in the field more informal that reflects the most genuine and congenial vocation of freedom.
Its sea, its glimpses of roads, bays and inlets, the sunsets, the houses are combined to a remote paradise that shows the lightness of being. Almost all the works tend to create moods translating to the real contours of the landscape elements meticulously described fully possess the elements of earth and air. The landscape is one with the author who lives and intensifies, it solidifies, it stores, is full of its own light, so perfect as to be in symbiosis with the eye that observes , giving a deep and sincere vocation.
Starace Raffaele flies high, yes, but in the dreamy atmosphere, floating in the skyline that eternalize a human cargo of destiny who prefers the classic lines of the composite and soft light, the flashes of 'soul revisited. It seems it melts the soul in those reds, and there the magic domains in these intense and pure universal sunsets, where the life force of being seems to find its right amount of balance peacemaker.
The colors enhance the beauty and transparency of a force capable of shaping vital energies of the cosmos and imprison them, magnify, making them live in the content of the artwork. Nothing oppressive or violent nor of cerebro-Impressionism Abstract of the New Age in these canvases by the coloration of rose, violet, lilac, blue, yellow, reveal Starace inspiring passion of the moment, the sweetness of the episode entirely interpreted in the light of the sun. Artists, indeed, are born, the school can refine the subject, educate about the iconographic techniques, the reactions and projections of shadows and light, on the symmetries of painting, to educate the eye to interpret the signs of applicants, the ability to translate into strokes the wave of the magnetic transition (it is a matter of seizing the moment).
The landscapes of Starace capture nature without conflict. They are taking. the eye and soothing signals to capture the emotion, Starace gives to his paintings a passionet vitality bright colors wisely measured this artist knows how' to transfers it to the viewer . His work reveals a personality worthy to enter in the classical painting and the modern icon all worthy of the attention of critics.

About the Artist

Starace Raffaele was born in Vico Equense (Naples) in 1957, where he lives with his family. Since childhood, his passion was painting, his paintings depict the breath taking coastline of Sorrento, Positano, Amalfi. Its characteristic and retract especially flowering balconies and windows. Some of his paintings are in the magazines of the Mondadori, Mondadori as Art Book 1999 and many other art books

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